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Email Marketing Strategy- Simple yet an effective medium not to be ignored

Email Marketing Strategy

Email is effective because it is by virtue, permission-based. The people on our email list have consented for us to send them messages via email. They are already bought in. Furthermore, with the popularity of smartphones and mobile devices, they are always attentive to your messages. In fact, email is the top activity for people on their mobile phones. Yes, even over the ever popular social media, like Facebook or Twitter.

1. Affordable

Email Marketing is a relatively low cost internet marketing platform which makes it an ideal tool for any organization to implement. It still prove to be the leader in ROI (return of investment) as it requires little effort and cost but its rewards is potentially huge if it reaches out to the right target audience who is seeking to buy your products or services.

2. Wider or Even Global Reach

The best part is that you are able to market your products to people from all over the world too. Since it is cost- effective, companies can afford to send as many emails as they want, to millions of email users. So, even reaching out to a global audience is easy and within seconds.

3. Repeat Customers

When you have an email list, this can form a powerful customer acquisition tool or database for your organization. This list can be used over and over again to reach out to your clients and convert them to loyal clients.

4. Efficient and Measureable

One of the benefits for email marketing lies in its tracking ability almost immediately. There are many measurable you can track, such as delivery rates, open rates, bounce rates, click through rates and unsubscribe rates etc. Hence, from an email marketing campaign, we can know the exact numbers of people who received the email message, how many opened the email to read it and actually clicked on the links and sites. This enables the company to make adjustments, improve and create better and email marketing strategy in their next round of campaign.

Email marketing metrics are effective instruments that help to monitor and measure your internet marketing strategy as a whole.

5. Long Term Relationship Building

Emails that are crafted thoughtfully and sent periodically (but not often till it is seen as spam), build loyalty and trust in your brand. It is important for building relationships with prospects, existing customers, and even previous customers. It is an opportunity to communicate to them directly at a conducive time when they choose to open their email to read them.

6. Action Oriented

The main purpose of email is to send and receive mails. Most email recipients do not even realize it but they tend to reply, forward, subscribe, click- through a link or even buy from an email.
Email is transactional in nature. We can use it to drive online traffic to our website and ultimately increase sales.

7. More popular than Social Media

Email is more commonly used and popular than the hyped up social media platforms. In fact, almost all social media account requires an email account set-up.

To conclude, if you are still not using email as part of your online marketing strategy, you are missing out on a powerful channel that a majority of the successful companies use regularly!

8. It can be forwarded and shared readily, turning it VIRAL

What’s more? The best part of email is that it can also be forwarded and shared readily with friends and this can goes viral if it is a superbly great offer.

9. High ROI of 4,300%

Intelligent email marketing drives conversion for you, and offers repeated business for you. According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing offers a high ROI of 4,300%.

Online Marketing - E-mail Marketing

Testimonial from our client

“At first I was sceptical about the effectiveness of email- marketing which was introduced to me, by iConversion. But tasting the sweet success of our Special Day 1-for-1 campaign, that went viral from this e-mail marketing recommendation, I am sold and became a loyal fan to this marketing strategy. Thanks so much!”

- Angeline Wong, Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant

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