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How are you using Social Media Strategies to your advantage?

We heard it so many times that social media helps with inbound marketing. It is an integral part of online marketing that helps to drive traffic and engagement with our target audience. However, are we leveraging on the power of social media platforms correctly and are we under-utilizing them where we should?

1) Understand your Target Audience’s Social Media

So, which social media platforms work best for your organization? From Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube to Instagram, each social media platform has their own unique features and followers so their profile and demographics also differ.

Certain social media are also more commonly acceptable in some countries than others. Like in China for example, some social media are virtually unheard of, except for the widely embraced wechat. So, if you are targeting a particular overseas country, it is imperative to study and understand this fundamental concept so as to assimilate the right social network into your social media strategy to maximize your reach to your target audience geographically.

2) What social media sharing buttons are in your website?

How often have you chanced upon an article you like, but there are limited social media sharing buttons that facilitates sharing?

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