A- Z of Content Ideas

Rack your brains on what content to produce for your website or blog?

Fret not, we have researched and compiled all the various content ideas into an infographic, just so you could concentrate on producing more relevant and compelling content articles.

A : About Us or Announcements
B : Blog or Behind The Scenes Photos
C : Contest
D : Download-able Prints
E : Events
F : Free Tools
G : Guides
H : History
I : Infographic or Interviews
J : Jokes
K : Keywords
L : Literatures
M : Menu or Memes or Mind Maps
N : Newsletters or Newsworthy Topics
O : Opt-in Forms
P : Polls or Podcast or Presentation
Q : Quiz or Quotes
R : Registrations or Resources
S : Slide Share
T : Testimonials or Templates
U : Users Manual
V : Videos
W : Webinars
X : Some “X- Factors” for your industry or your company?
Y : Youtube Videos
Z : Use a ZINGER Headline to stir interest on related topics for your industry

Other tips for your newly created content page in your website or blog:

* Make sure your content is sharable. Use Social Media Sharing buttons.
* Have high quality images as attractive visuals get more shares.
* Include animations or videos as interactive content converts much better.
* Content length matters. The average length for Top 10 results in Google for any keyword is about at least 2,000 words.
* Do ensure your page loading speed is not slow or it might affect the bounce rate.
* Have fonts that are large enough to be read with ease. On average, pages ranking #1 on Google is about 15.8px font size.
* Is your website mobile responsive or visitors have to struggle to enlarge to read?
* On a deeper level, does your content evoke or trigger any emotions, educate, inspire, entertain or convince to warrant a share?

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iConversionMedia A to Z of Content

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