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Pay- Per Click (Paid Search)

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Pay- Per- Click (PPC) as its names suggest is Paid Advertising, and it is to be paid every time a visitor click to go to your site or landing page. It is also known as Paid Placement or Paid Listing. Normally, where your ad listing is placed, depends on your quality score, such as highest bidding price, ad relevance and quality etc.

This method offers high conversion rate or targeted traffic as a consumer does a search on the web, typing the relevant keywords into the search text box of his or her preferred search engine. Marketers are aware of this “hunt mode”, meaning they are researching for information to satisfy an immediate or future need.

Your landing page will ultimately be the key tool to convince and convert the potential consumers to make the purchase which they are searching for. This is another area which we will need to work closely with our clients to ensure that the conversion rate is high and effective for them.

Banner Advertising

Another method for online advertising is banner or display advertising. This provides what a Google source referred to as a “brand image experiment”. Banner advertising allows for you to choose the types of sites (content related sites) in which you want your advertisements to appear in, so that you can reach out to the same interested viewers. Banner or display advertisements works well for those whose products are aesthetically appealing, leaving a lasting impression on the web page visitors.


Some of the advantages of deploying this method are that it is measureable, targets audience effectively and also helps to build strong brand recognition and recall when exposed to the banner over a long period of time.