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What makes a good and effective website?

Your website makes the first impression for all online visitors. There are many factors to consider to piece together to build and develop a website. It does not only relay key content to the people searching for your services on the internet or customers looking into your website, but it also must be user- friendly, have good loading speed and be responsive on mobile devices as internet becomes more readily accessible. Here are some key elements of an effective website: 1) Easy URL or Domain Name to remember Domain name or URL which is easier to remember will always make it easier for visitors who love your website to become repeated visitors and there is a higher chance for you to convert them to customers 2) Speed or Load Time Loading time for a website plays a primary role when visitors land on your website. 40% of visitors would abandon a site that takes 3 seconds or more to load. 3) Prominent, easy to navigate and User Friendly If an ecommerce is not user- friendly or not clear about which button to click to add- to-cart or delete items from cart, chances are the online customers would be frustrated and […]