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Key Factors for SEO for 2016 and Beyond

Ever since the search engine debuted in 1998, Google algorithm has evolved and undergone several significant changes over the years. However, the key factors for a website to rank are still mainly keywords, links, content and meta page titles. For 2016 and beyond, what are the fairly new important elements in which we should pay attention to, in order to stay updated in the SEO practice? DELIGHT THE USER. USER EXPERIENCE. USER SATISFACTION. MOBILE 1) Mobile Responsive With increasingly more people globally using their mobile devices and phone to search for information online, Google place high importance on this as one of the key factors and demotes non- responsive sites. When you optimize your pages to be responsive that caters to the increasingly mobile users, you also have gain better conversion and user experience, which improve your SEO ranking even further. LOADING SPEED 2) Page Loading Speed How fast is your website performing in terms of loading speed? Speed not only affects organic ranking but also offers user satisfaction. The slower it loads, then Google Bots will not stay in your site and leave, meaning it will not get indexed fast too. Minimize plug-ins used on your website as this […]